domestic violence

domestic violence
In China, the term ‘domestic violence’ includes spousal, child, sibling and elderly abuse. The Marriage Law of 2001 specifically forbids domestic violence, an example of wishful thinking triumphing over reality. Physical discipline of children by parents is considered standard practice, not abuse. Wife abuse is the most common form of domestic violence. The National Survey on Domestic Violence Against Women was published in 2002. In it, 3,543 married men and women were interviewed.
It was found that: (1) 71.9 per cent of respondents were beaten as children. They were more likely to be perpetrators (men) and victims (women) of spousal abuse in comparison with those not beaten as children; (2) 20.7 per cent of female respondents said their husbands beat them, while 16 per cent of men admitted to beating their wives; (3) when asked to define spousal abuse, respondents mentioned physical and sexual abuse, but did not included emotional cruelty; and (4) respondents’ rankings of the causes of wife abuse were as follows: patriarchal and feudal attitudes; alcohol abuse, gambling and extra-marital affairs; low education and the financial status of the couple; nagging wives; unequal social status between men and women in society, where the husband must discipline the wife for misbehaviour, or the husband has psychological problems because the wife’s social status is higher than his own. China lacks a legislative framework that recognizes abuse and responds appropriately.
Liu, Meng (2002). ‘National Survey on Domestic Violence Against Women’. Unpublished report, No. 14. International Conference on Combating Violence against Women, Beijing.

Encyclopedia of contemporary Chinese culture. . 2011.

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